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From Here To Eternity
From Here To Eternity is a guide for people who find themselves in The Tribulation.  It is our hope that every Christian would leave a copy of this book  in some obvious place so that, after the rapture, when non-Christian friends, relatives, and neighbors come looking for them they will find this survival guide.  It's actually more than just a book.  It has a companion web site exclusively for those that own the book.

You can obtain a soft cover now for a tax deductable donation of $14
or more with no shipping charges or taxes in the contenental US.

You can also obtain this soft cover version or digital versions in
different text, audio, and video formats at www.ChristianSelfPublishers.com
as well as at Amazon.com and local Christian book stores.

Anyone legally owning any version of From Here To Eternity is given access to our unique private web site.  There, the most current version is made available for  on-line viewing or downloading.  Also, available are various "end time" charts,  graphs, and support tools including a forum dealing with numerous  prophecy topics.